Ulična galerija #3: SOUTHWIND

Otvoritev: 5. april ob 18:00 (na ogled do 13. maja) // Ulična galerija MB // Židovska ulica

SOUTHWIND: Mark Požlep in Maxime Berthou, 2019 – ongoing

In 2019 Maxime Berthou and Mark Požlep embarked on a three-months journey on the Mississippi River on a self-made steam-powered paddle boat. Contemporary US society was un- raveling along this mythical river – poverty, poor health caused by toxic industrial pollution, racial inequality, all part of everyday life.

SOUTHWIND follows the chronology of the project in movement, translating it into an archive of personal experiences, oral histories, transcripts, and disproportionate production mechanisms.

SOUTHWIND was funded by the pre-selling of Moonshine – local high alcohol spirit, dis- tilled out of corn collected from the local farmers along the Mississippi river.

Mark Požlep (born 1981, Slovenia), works in the field of visual and performative arts, spatial installations and video art. His artistic practice involves journey-travels, which function both as long-durational performance/endurance art and as an art piece in itself. It is an intense procedural exploration, aiming to reveal the tension between politics, poetics and individual action.

Maxime Berthou, (born 1981, France), graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence before joining the post-degree of Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporain in Tourcoing then following a pre-doctoral training at the Ecole Supérieure de Arts Décoratifs of Paris.
His artistic practice consists of making cinematographic essays based on the experience of performative gestures. His work is part of a practice-based research context superimposing an artistic framework on a scientific frameworkd.oc


003 / Lana Čmajčanin

production and support

Inštitut TAM-TAM / Ustanova Fundacija Sonda / GT22 / Mestna občina Maribor / Ministrstvo za kulturo / Alveola d.o.o

29. 01. - 17:00 // MiniOder: Kozlovska sodba (5+) // predstava
Vstop: 5 € / 0 € za brezposelne in invalide
05. 02. - 17:00 // MiniOder: Vznemirljivo življenje čebel (5+) // predstava
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Ostali prispevki

Ob mednarodnem dnevu spomina na žrtve holokavsta v AVLI GT22 razstava plakatov svetovno znanih grafičnih oblikovalcev na temo "strpnosti".
Otvoritev v Avli.GT22 v petek, 10. decembra ob 18. uri.
Otvoritev nove razstave v Ulični galeriji MB v Židovski ulici bo v petek, 17. decembra ob 17. uri.
Otvoritev modne intervencije v Avli.GT22: 12. november ob 18. uri. Na ogled do: 30. novembra.
Otvoritev v Ulični galeriji v Židovski ulici: torek, 16. november ob 18.00.
Otvoritev intervencije v Avli.GT22: 22. oktober ob 18. uri. Na ogled do: 10. novembra.
Na ogled v Ulični galeriji v Židovski ulici do 15. novembra.
Na ogled kadarkoli v Ulični galeriji Maribor v Židovski ulici.