Agnė Marija Stašinskaitė: Mantra

Otvoritev: petek, 13. december ob 19.00 // Studio 12.22

Mantra is a series of visuals dedicated to natural phenomenon – cycle of the day and it’s two symbols – sun and moon. The repeated watching of sun setting and moon appearing became a personal ritual that resulted in emotional expansion and development. The series is a symbolic opening of a new chapter – both personally and artistically.

Agnė Marija Stašinskaitė (Vilnius, Lithuania)
From the recondite country of Lithuania to Austria, Agnė has been living for a year in Schladming a rural mountain area not far from Salzburg. Constant change, displacement, and being an immigrant have the result commented by her in this insight:
“Environment [and seasons] affected me, mentally and emotionally. I understood what my values are.”

On everyday superation for balancing the weight of emotions and values, Agnė has fought and neutralized her weakness/strength: Anxiety. “Even though is a really bad feeling. In the end, I wouldn’t have been as creative without it. It’s kind of you have to embrace it, even if It’s bad. I’ve been dealing with mental issues and drawing was good to release those”.

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Razstavo podpirajo / the exhibition is supported by:
Ustanova Fundacija Sonda, Interdisciplinarni laboratorij GT22 in Mestna občina Maribor.




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