MB film

“After four weeks discovering the film culture and especially the activities of film amateurs in Film in Video Klub Maribor, I was inspired to make my first own short amateur film an experimental documentary about film culture in Maribor. The film with its title MB Film is dedicated to all the film enthusiasts in Maribor who make sure that the city has a rich cinematic sphere even though it currently lacks an independent cinema. Moreover, MB Film is a reflection of my research about film amateurism in the region of former Yugoslavia. The title of the film is the same as the driving plate on the car of Franc Kopič a longtime member of Film and Video Klub Maribor whom I met during my research (Picture I). By using his driving plate as a title, my film shall also be understood as a call for an extended understanding of film culture between professional and amateur modes as well as for the recognition of the long history and role of amateur film makers.”

Hanna Stein, Outside the (Kino)Box. Or: Why film culture in-between professional and amateur cinema is important

Project was realized in the frame of GuestRoomMaribor residential platform.